3 Important Things To Be Successful in Cyber Security

Fabiola Munguia
March 10, 2021

In the last blog, I wrote about a step-by-step guide on how to become an ethical hacker. This time, I will be talking about some important things a cybersecurity enthusiast should keep in mind when starting their career.

Here Are 3 Things To Consider To Have a Successful Career in Cyber Security

1. Do’s and Don’ts in Cyber Security

2. Physical and Mental Health

3. Time Management

1. Do's and Don'ts in Cyber Security


✔️ Be patient:

This is important if you want to learn things. Sometimes it happens that we are not getting the desired output of our efforts, that is why we get demotivated. But always remember things don’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and effort. And hard work always pays off!

✔️ Read as much as you can:

Read books, articles, blogs, and anything you find interesting! The amount of knowledge that you will get is priceless. All your concepts and fundamentals will be cleared in a very well organized way.

✔️ Keep on practising:

“Practice makes perfect!” The amount of practice is directly proportional to the amount of experience you get. A book can teach you all the theoretical concepts but until you don’t put them into practice your fundamentals, concepts, and theory are of no use!


✔️ Don't compare yourself with anyone:

Keep one thing in mind: Everyone in this Universe is unique. Each person has his/her own skills and capabilities. Some people may understand a concept in just 2 hours while others need a few days to learn it. Yet, both have the same knowledge and this is what really matters!

✔️ Don't jump to the advanced level, start with the basics:

I have seen a lot of people who directly start with the more difficult things just because they are fancy and look better. However, if you start from there, you will fail to gain a proper understanding of the basics. Fundamentals are like the base support of a building. If it is weak, the building will shatter badly.

✔️ Don't hesitate to ask for help or resources:

Many people feel embarrassed when asking for help from anyone else in the community. And that’s wrong! The Cyber Security community is helpful and supportive. We want to help all the cybersecurity enthusiasts in every way we can.

2. Physical and Mental Health

People sometimes go insane while learning Cyber Security. They devote their days and nights for Cyber Security and that’s appreciable!!! BUT it is extremely harmful to your health. Keep in mind that “Health is Wealth”.

If you want to live long and stress-free and want to start in the field of cybersecurity follow these steps:

Physical Health

✔️ Eye exercise:

Sitting in front of a screen is harmful for your eyes. It can result in blur vision and can even result in some severe eye problems. That is why you need to do eye exercise at least twice a day, so that your ciliary muscles (Yes…I know, biology has to do something with Cyber Security too) will be active and healthy.

✔️ Eat healthy:

A healthy stomach is a happy stomach”. Eat green leafy vegetables. Follow inverted pyramid eating routine and drink plenty of water.

✔️ Yoga:

A sitting job results in so many body problems like back pain, stiffness, and strain in joints. To eliminate those issues, do light exercises or daily yoga for at least 45 mins. I would suggest doing some good “asanas” of yoga-like “Surya Namashkara” and “Pranayama” (hard to read? Google them) which will help you to keep your spinal cord and neural system active and strong.

Mental Health

✔️ Meditation:

Frustration and stress will mostly be there, but you have to learn to handle them, so you can be focused and productive. That is why, meditating daily in the morning and getting some fresh air will help you to stay focused.

✔️ Keep weekends off:

Do not work recklessly for 24×7. You might be enjoying doing so, but remember you have some people who want to spend some time with you like your family and friends! It’s your responsibility to take care of them and spend some time with them.

✔️ Listen to calm music:

Music plays an important role in learning (at least for me). Listening to some playlists will help you stay energetic, focused and calm while working. Overall, calm music increases your productivity.

3. Time Management

✔️ Rather than doing a timetable, define targets:

You may stop working to sleep but time never sleeps or stops for you. Thus, you should set a daily target and try to complete it.

There is no need to rush according to your timetable. Just set a daily target and work according to your convenience to achieve it.

✔️ Challenge yourself:

This is the thing which motivates me a lot. I love to do challenges that seem impossible to complete. But once you do it, the amount of satisfaction you get is overwhelming. This will help you to push your limits and will increase your working capacity and efficiency.

✔️ Reward yourself:

I know, that seems childish but still helps you and gives you a reason to work! Give yourself some small rewards after you’ve completed a task or challenge.

These were some tips which will help you when starting a career in Cyber Security. Drop a comment and a thumbs up if you like them!

Wanna know more about how to have a successful cybersecurity career? Ping me on LinkedIn and leave your comments below!👇🏻👇🏻

written by
Fabiola Munguia
Co-Founder of requestee and creative thinker.

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