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What is Red Teaming?

A group of highly professional people who join forces to evaluate and give feedback on your organization’s security is known as a Red Team. Red Teaming services help companies to assess their ability to perceive any type of cyber threat or attack and respond properly to them. A Red Team uses similar approaches as real-life threat actors do by performing a safe but genuine attack simulation so your organization’s suppleness can be evaluated for each step of a cyber-attack. Red team operations improve the promptness of your workforce and assets via a real security drill that may target the security of cyber and physical foundations of your company.

In layman’s terms, Red Teaming is basically an ethical hacking action. When Red Teaming, security specialists will enact scenarios to expose any potential hardware, software, human and physical vulnerabilities then provide a professional report with all liability findings as well as solutions on how to fix them.

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Every company undergoes a highly selective multi-step verification process that includes a background check of the company, an interview with the management team, referrals from previous customers, and determining the quality of their reports and the methodologies they apply. Our top-notch ethical hackers utilize the OWASP Top 10, BSI Model, Testing Guide, and Application Security Verification Standard.
Liability insurance
On each vendor profile you can learn more about the cyber liability coverage of every pentesting company.
Ethical Hacking Certifications
Many of our white-hat hackers hold certifications such as GPEN, GXPN, GWAPT, CREST, CPSA-CRT, OSCE, OSCP, CISSP, ECPPT, CEH and many more.
Top 3 pentest strengths
Some ethical hackers specialize in mobile app pentests, while others are experts in cloud security testing, web app pentesting, network security testing or IoT devices. We’ll make sure that you talk to the right experts according to your needs.
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Save time by using our search function to look for specific compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO27001, NIST, SANS, GDPR that our penetration testing companies specialize in.
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Whether you come from a highly regulated sector such as financial services, healthcare, oil & energy or insurance, or whether you’re an e-commerce shop, a manufacturing company or in the automotive industry, in the vendor profiles you can always find pentesters who specialize in your business area.
Cloud expertise
Some of our pentesters specialize in AWS, others in Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and some can even conduct Kubernetes Security Audits. No matter which cloud environment you have, we’ll always match you with the right experts.
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Reviewers can be asked to provide documentation showing they’ve had a buying or service experience with the reviewed pentester when, for example, the pentesting company flags a review because they don’t believe the person writing it has had a genuine experience.
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When you search for a penetration testing company on requestee, their profile displays all relevant information and reviews about them. Here, their most recently published reviews appear first. If you want to sort them differently, you can filter by language, keywords, location, star ratings and other dynamic filters.
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Why do I need a Red Team Assessment?

If you own a small to medium sized organization, maybe you think your assets are too insignificant a target, and that Red Teaming services aren’t needed. But the fact is, every asset is vital to its business, and you could be at great risk if you commit to this line of thinking. Threat actors always attack the least expected and most easily available weaknesses, and companies of all sizes, as well as individuals, are regularly targeted. Red teaming services are vital to improve and strengthen the security of your essential assets against cybercriminals. So don’t wait for a tangible cyber-attack. Hiring an adept Red Team to avail their specialized services to your organization can provide a holistic view of your deployed security and help you with:

●      Vulnerability identification in systems and applications.
●      Risk assessing each vulnerability.
●      Incident response testing.
●      Advanced attack flexibility.
●      Boosting blue team efficiency.
●      Testing entrance to segmented areas with sensitive data, taking control of special devices and conceding the account permits and obtaining access to server room.
●      Continuous improvement with future investment surety.

How much does Red Team Assessment cost?

This isn’t an easy question to answer as a Red Team’s costs cannot be estimated until the service’s scope level is defined. Generally, the approximate cost to engage a Red Team for your organization is ultimately determined by the number of objectives, networks, applications, timeframe and places to test. To estimate the cost, it is first necessary to identify the goals you want to accomplish.

Typically, an outsourced class Red Ream services costs around 200 EUR per hour, though their services require consistent testing or scheduled intervals in order to be successful. They also require an all-hands-on-deck approach and extended testing activities, which can intensify the cost but help guarantee the best possible service. The duration of a Red Team Assessment takes typically between 2 and 3 months.

Don’t get confused! The difference between Red Team Assessment and penetration test.

Both Red Team operations and penetration testing analyse an organization’s defense against cyber-attacks and contend with real-life threat actor techniques. In contrast to penetration testing, Red Teaming involves extensive methodologies designed to test an individual or a company against a variety of different attack possibilities. Instead of detecting all possible vulnerabilities, Red Teaming services are focused on targeted objectives and are utilised to test an organization's response to different threats and attacks.

In summary, a Red Team’s long standing assessment can involve attack methods such as social engineering, card cloning and tailgating, while a penetration test’s aim is to detect and exploit as many security weaknesses as possible using all vacant tools before providing a feedback report on the risk levels.

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What is requestee?

requestee is the #1 B2B marketplace for pentesting. It is a secure place where clients can find and hire ethical hacking companies as easy as ordering a pizza.

What will requestee charge me?

requestee provides services free of cost to companies which are looking into buying a pentest. Therefore, we are putting a lot of afford into understanding if you trully need a pentest first. We are financing ourself through referrals and provisions with partner companies.

How soon can I start with the pentest?

If you act fast, you can begin working with one of our pentesting companies in less than 2 weeks. We will typically send you a curated list of available pentesting companies within 2 days, at which point you can review them and make your final decision.

How do you verify the pentesting companies?

We carefully handpick our pentesting companies. Every company undergoes a selective multi-step verification process that includes a background check of the company, an interview with the management team, referrals of previous customers and quality of the report. Learn more about it here.

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