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What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessments involve recognizing, defining, prioritizing, and classifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, network infrastructures, and applications to assess possible risks and threats to your organization.

The assessment evaluates if the system is vulnerable to any known susceptibilities, then assigns and recommends mitigation when necessary. Typically, the assessment utilizes automated tools such as network security scanners, web application scanners, protocol scanners, etc. Examples of vulnerabilities that can be remediated by vulnerability assessment include SQL injection, insecure defaults, code injection attacks, intensification of privileges due to faulty verification mechanisms, and insecure defaults like guessable administration PINs. Vulnerability analysis tests include network and wireless assessments, and application scanning assessments. Vulnerability assessments can also help identify any improperly configured systems that can contribute to network vulnerabilities.

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Why do I Need a Vulnerability Assessment?

49% of organizations suffer one or more cybersecurity breaches annually. This fact, alongside recent upsurges in the number of security vulnerabilities across many enterprises, emphasise just how important it is to conduct regular vulnerability assessments. Although security susceptibility issues allow hackers to access your company’s information, a comprehensive vulnerability assessment or so-called security scan will help you to identify risks and possible weaknesses in information systems before they can be exploited.

To enhance informational security, it is essential to conduct vulnerability evaluations as they can provide direction on how to mitigate any threats that are identified. Vulnerability assessments will also offer your management board a better understanding of any security flaws, endangered assets, and security measures, which will greatly reduce the likelihood of cybersecurity breaches occurring.

In short, every organization needs to carry out frequent vulnerability assessments to detect their security flaws before cybercriminals do.

How Much Does a Vulnerability Assessment Cost?

The early detection of imminent threats that require minimal user intervention is greatly enhanced by conducting vulnerability assessments. These can help your organization put its vulnerabilities into context and comprehend their priority, urgency, and potential consequences. The costs of vulnerability assessments vary depending on factors such as the environment being scanned, or whether it is a small enterprise network system, web or network application. On average, the cost of a vulnerability assessment test for smaller applications ranges from 1.000 EUR - 4.000 EUR, depending on the number of servers, applications, and IPs being served, with the number of IPs being the major determinant.

Don’t get confused! Discover the difference between manual pentests and vulnerability assessments

Vulnerability assessment is the practice of recognizing, defining, prioritizing, and classifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, network infrastructures, and applications to recognize possible threats and risks they pose to your organization’s computer system. The two cybersecurity measures are quite similar, but the terms should not be used interchangeably.

Vulnerability assessments are automated and are only able to capture disruptions in patterns and definitions. This type of assessment is not equipped with the ability to detect flaws that need human logic and intellectual capacity.

Manual pentesting, in comparison, is more vigorous and accurate to the overall business logic. Penetration testers need to study an organization, understand its day-to-day business operations and work to a shared vision.

Manual pentesting tends to focus on simultaneous approaches of running multiple programs to analyze data and interpret the results in real-time. This way, a broader base under investigation is covered and could include the ranges of network systems, application systems, embedded devices and source code analysis. Manual penetration testing can be expensive and does not scale as automated pentesting does. However, it is the most reliable in the sense that subtle errors such as CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) and business logic vulnerabilities can only be detected or exploited by a human agent.

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What is requestee?

requestee is the #1 B2B marketplace for pentesting. It is a secure place where clients can find and hire ethical hacking companies as easy as ordering a pizza.

What will requestee charge me?

requestee provides services free of cost to companies which are looking into buying a pentest. Therefore, we are putting a lot of afford into understanding if you trully need a pentest first. We are financing ourself through referrals and provisions with partner companies.

How soon can I start with the pentest?

If you act fast, you can begin working with one of our pentesting companies in less than 2 weeks. We will typically send you a curated list of available pentesting companies within 2 days, at which point you can review them and make your final decision.

How do you verify the pentesting companies?

We carefully handpick our pentesting companies. Every company undergoes a selective multi-step verification process that includes a background check of the company, an interview with the management team, referrals of previous customers and quality of the report. Learn more about it here.

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