Pentesting 101 – How much does a pentest cost?

Fabiola Munguia
March 10, 2021

Cyber security is an essential part of any business. To keep your company safe from potential hacker attacks you need to implement several security measures. Pentesting has shown itself to be the best method to uncover vulnerabilities and potential security breaches.

However, getting the right price for a penetration test is something that many companies question themselves about. In this article, you will find out about the main cost drivers. As a starting point, you should know that a the price of a pentest always depends on the type and method you use.

How much does a penetration test cost and what influences the pentest price?


Application Penetration Testing is an ethical attack that reveals how secure your app is by highlighting risks posed by actual exploitable vulnerabilities. A common approach is to look for any possibilities for vulnerability investigation including internal and external testing.

Cost drivers: white/black box, number of roles, aim of testing.

Price: starting from 3.500€


Network penetration testing identifies and exploits vulnerabilities in your networks, systems and network devices. It incorporates firewall bypass tests, and DNS attacks testing.

Cost drivers: white/black box, complexity of network, number and type of services to be tested (IPS, routing issues scans, port scanning, services like FTP, MySQL, SSH,etc.).

Price: starting from 4.000€

Payment Card Industry (PCI)

A PCI penetration test lets a real attackers to actually compromise the cardholder data environment. If your company takes credit cards, you should highly consider doing this pentest. It cannot consist of a vulnerability scan alone. Actual exploitation must be attempted.

Cost drivers: Size and type of the system.

Price: starting from 5.000€

There are other types of pentest such as IoT Penetrationtest and Wireless Penetrationtest. If you need more information about them feel free to contact us.

written by
Fabiola Munguia
Co-Founder of requestee and creative thinker.

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